Yellow RosesWilmore has a generous selection of potted roses, including:

  • Hybrid Teas: Tall and stately with large blooms and long cutting stem. Usually one bloom at a time per stem. Most popular garden rose.
  • Heirloom: Casual in form with delightful fragrance and old-fashioned charm.
  • Floribunda: Smaller than hybrid teas with blooms in clusters from June till frost.
  • Grandiflora: Tall plants that bloom in clusters.
  • Shrub: Everblooming have long bloom times and low maintenance. Very hardy.
  • Climbers: Long arching canes of 6 feet or more. Grow on arbors and trellises or along a fence.
  • Ground Covers: Low-growing and spreading habit. Also known as carpet roses. Low maintenance.
  • Hedge: Dense foliage that is suitable for trimming into a hedge.
  • Miniature: Grows 2 to 3 feet tall and are perfect for containers.

White RosesRoses need at least 5 to 6 hours of sun, 1 inch of deep watering a week, and good air circulation to minimize disease. A few varieties, such as Knock Out, Carefree Wonder and Iceberg, will bloom in light shade. Be sure to amend your soil with compost during planting. Roses also appreciate top dressing with compost once a year and a rose fertilizer every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season. Wondering how to prune your roses? It depends on what type of rose you have so we’ll show you how to do it when you select your plant.

Download ourĀ Planting Instructions.