At-Home Landscape Consultation

Cost: $200.00 for 45 min

This service is perfect for the DIY homeowner. You supply the labor and we supply¬†some good old-fashioned advice for your landscape. We’ll send a certified nursery professional to your home to talk with you about how to best beautify your yard. You’ll get your questions answered and a ton of ideas specifically for your landscape. We’ll even show you how to prune that unruly tree while we’re there!

Call 303-795-0238 to schedule an At-Home Landscape Consultation or come to the Registers for more information.

DaisyWho is it for? This customized service is ideal for homeowners who:

  • Are new to their home.
  • Want a change in their Landscape.
  • Need help with plant and weed identification.
  • Need help with their lawn.
  • Need to determine what to plant and how to do it.
  • Need garden coaching on how to properly maintain their yard.
  • Need help with a vegetable garden, vineyard or orchard.
  • Feel overwhelmed with outdoor projects and need some direction.

What we need from you:

  • Notepad and pencil to take notes.
  • Plot plan or rough sketch of the yard to draw on.
  • Time to meet with Landscape Consultant

What we will do for you:

  • Generate ideas to rejuvenate your yard.
  • Give you ideas on what plants will thrive in your garden and how to plant and arrange them.
  • Give you ideas on creating new gardens and planting beds.
  • Coach you on how to properly maintain your lawn and yard.
  • Teach you how to prevent and control lawn and garden diseases.
  • Help you jump-start large projects

Actual installation of plant material is not included. But we can definitely deliver and dig the holes for your trees and shrubs with our Delivery and Planting Service. Just ask when you’re in the store. Or you can call one of our recommended landscapers.