Wilmore’s Giant Zucchini Contest!

Congratulations to our 2013 winners!

Kiki (left) and her brothers Titus and Max grew the winning zucchini at 9.25 pounds!

Kiki (left) and her brothers Titus and Max grew the winning zucchini at 9.25 pounds!

1st Place: Kiki Zaharas of Littleton; 9.25 pounds
2nd Place:
Greg Yoder, Castle Rock; 8.75 pounds
3rd Place Tie: Tom Szumny, Centennial, and Thomas & Therese Horigan; 8.5 pounds

Fifteen contestants hauled in their giant specimens over Labor Day weekend. We know it’s easy to grow zucchini but it takes a real gardener to grow a winner without it rotting on the vine. Can you grow one that tops 10 pounds? You’ll get a chance in next year’s contest!

Giant Zucchini Contest Rules:

  1. The big green thing must be grown and cared for by the homeowner/garden plot renter, or a family member. (No entries by master zucchini gardeners will be allowed.)
  2. You can grow any variety of long, green zucchini.
  3. You can enter only one monster specimen per household.
  4. The over-sized squash must not be squishy. Only bring us healthy, undamaged produce. If it smells; it’s outta here!
  5. No foreign material can be included in the weighing. This includes dirt.
  6. The vine must be trimmed to one inch from the stem.
  7. You must bring your little darling in to the store to be weighed using your own muscle strength (or that of multiple family members). No forklifts allowed. After weighing, you must take your zucchini home! Please do not try to give it away to our customers or employees.
  8. You must fill out an official entry form at the store so we can contact you if you win. We are not responsible for any subsequent ridicule from the winner’s neighbors.
  9. Very simply, the winners are the owners of the three most overweight zucchinis. In the unlikely event of a tie, the prize money for those two places will be added together and divided equally between contestants.
  10. Decisions of the judges are final in all cases. The judges reserve the right to NOT accept bribes in the form of zucchini bread, cake, pie, shakes or any other culinary zucchini exploit you may have mastered.
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